Blog Sources for Teachers

As part of some research for a Blogging for Teachers workshop with, I found more than 4 million results from one query. I was surprisingly astounded that so many resources were available for teachers and their students.

This being said, I relied on my knowledge of search engine optimization and only clicked on relevant Google Ads and oranic results from the first 2-3 pages to gather the following list.

*Note: Check with your school’s adminstrator and Tech Department prior to planning a blog project regarding network filters on student/teacher computers, so your classes can view and interact with any blog platform.

Teacher Blog Sources

  • Only teachers can sign up initially must be approved through school’s tech dept. When a teacher signs up, an email will be sent to verify who you are. Only schools can sign up on
  • Filtered for language and images deemed inappropriate
  • Provides safe email accounts for teachers & students
  • Students must sign up for accounts through their teacher
  • Started in 1999 from Encino, CA

  • Great place to post photos & comment
  • Post artwork, photography, series of photos from an event or for a project
  • No filters
  • Share pictures online for free
  • Teachers: Art, Drama, Creative Writing, Language Arts, & Science

  • All users can create posts, moderate comments, enable RSS syndication, add images, upload videos and podcasts, and subscribe to other appropriate blogs.
  • Posts & comments are archived so students can access from year to year
  • Customizable blog page
  • Public or private (school members only) viewing
  • Lesson planning tool customized for your school’s standards of learning (OGT), which admin staff can look at and see what standards you are incorporating into your lesson plans
  • Contact company for an overview
  • May cost to sign up with Echalk (couldn’t be determined during research)
  • Sign up for newsletter

  • Free, easy to set up design, create your own unique name for blog
  • Teacher acts as administrator for blog; moderate & edit comments
  • Accessible to the public & search engines (if you choose)
  • Designate as many contributors & administrators as you like; suggest having only one administrator who can modify design & widgets; contributors can moderate comments, add & edit blog posts as needed. Works well for one department or collaboration.
  • Our most favorite platform for its updated features & usability

· Excellent list of sources and reviews regarding free/paid blog sites, tips, and places to read reviews from other teachers on blogging!]

· NCTE 2008 Annual Convention site with a group and comments/experiences

  • Another blog about how to set up a blog for teachers/students
  • Click on Blog Title for more topics
  • Also, use Search tool for more ideas and/or info. For example, “teacher blogs” garnered other blogs about students using technology in the classroom and more ways to help teachers in a tough economy
  • Recommended for tips & ideas
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3 Comments on “Blog Sources for Teachers”

  1. kinderblogger Says:

    I started my blog here on wordpress and really have enjoyed using it.

  2. Alicia Young Says:

    I apologize for the html code errors…I despise those things when they show up on a blog. Not my fault directly, I only copy and paste from Word or a Google Docs into this platform. Unfortunately, the Search Circus due did not get an opportunity to talk to Strongsville teachers, but we are still available to do it in the future. Personally, I think Blogging between teachers and students is a great idea and would only increase their written communication and comprehension of literature or other topic. I taught high school English for 6 years and a Reading class for 2 years. I wish I could have had this capability.

    If you have a teacher blog…please send me a link. I would like to peruse more and gather ideas to tell other teachers!

  3. Alicia Young Says:

    Take a look at this blog…it rocks for the Kindergarten teachers! !!

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